Lazy Acres Farms

Myotonic Goats

After a long illness,

 we finally know the root of my evil and can now begin the fight. I did not breed any this year as I needed to concentrate on my health. Do look for goats in the coming year as I plan to begin breeding a few does soon.  

 Welcome to Lazy Acres Farms.We  are located in Deep East Texas. We raise Fainting Goats and Miniature Horses and Shetlands . On our farm, we also have some "regular size horses", our LGD's,our 4 legged children(shhhhhhh, some of them do not know they are d-o-g-s), cats which include a polydactyl and a Sphynx, a donkey, a ferret and a Double Yellow Headed Amazon Parrot (if you like your fingers, keep them out of his cage...) and let us not forget Angel, a Llama and YES, they DO spit! We have Miniature Zebu cattle. 

Fainters:  I have been careful to purchase a good quality from several farms. We offer a variety: various sizes-including Mini fainters and the large sizes, colors and brown and  blue eyes. We also have moonspots.  Our goats come from farms across Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, Alabama and Tennessee.

Miniature Horses:

I was born with a love for horses. I remembering seeing my first miniature horses as a child growing up in SW Arkansas. We often went to the Ozarks, and it was during these trips to these beautiful mountains I first saw up close miniature horses. I was fascinated by them, but at that time, never thought I would decide to own them. When Cindy Deer retired, I decided to get a couple of her miniature horses. Well, like the fainters, they are addicting! What started off as a hobby has transformed into a bit more serious . I went from hobby to devoted myself to breeding a quality mini or Shetland that will knock your socks off! Feel Free to check out my horses and ponies.


My Little Helper and best pal, Zorro

Zorro is a rescue I raised from a puppy when he was only one week old. We could not help but fall in love with him! He is not only a great companion, but is a great helper with the goats. I jokingly refer to him as my "Little white heeler"

Just hanging out.

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